Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sheri Dew and Wendy Nelson!!

My sister spoiled me while I was in town to see my new nephew and took me to see Sheri Dew and Wendy Nelson speak.  I had an amazing time!!  Not only did I get to hold my nephew the whole time but I got to listen to some very uplifting talks.

Sister Wendy Nelson...(wife of Russell M. Nelson) spoke first.  I was laughing and feeling the spirit through the whole thing.  She challenged us for three pick one thing each day that we could do to be a more holy woman.  
She told us of a women who decided to read scriptures...cause thats what a holy woman would do...right?  She got up and was reading and her two little children came up and interrupted as children often do...she had a prompting to...go play with the children.  So she got out the new board game she had been saving up and got it all ready and PLAYED with the children!  Part way through the game her oldest said, "Mom, this is my first favorite day....because you are here with us instead of cleaning".  
I know I spend so much time making sure the boys get their school work done that I forget to just stop a PLAY with them!  I know that there are times when that is more important than their everyday school work.  I can't wait to try this and change those things in my life that I know need to change so that I can become more of the women that I need to be.

Sister Sheri Dew was a great speaker!  I got a lot out of hers about staying positive and living for one person...Heavenly Father...and not the world.  We need to focus on what we do...are we doing it for Heavenly Father or for the those around us.  She showed this Dove commercial...

Sister Dew pointed out that the "world" we are trying to be like or impress is most of the time not real...So many times we as women look at magazines and dream of being like this woman or that woman...when they themselves can't be that woman...
I know I am constantly worried about what others are going to think about me and I need to focus more on what my Heavenly Father is thinking about what I am doing and how I am acting.

She also talked about our up coming General Conference of our church.  She talked about a lady who read a conference talk every day in between the two conferences one year and how much better prepared she was for conference....seeing as conference is only 2 weeks away...I can't do that now but I am excited to try this in between this upcoming one and the next.  I know that my life will be a little more focused on my Heavenly Father than the things that so normally fill my crazy life!  I am so excited to try this!

THANKS Marie for taking me to this!  It was just the uplifting thing that I needed right now! ordinary MORMON MOM