Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 10 YEAR OLD!...and a fun recipe!

It is amazing how knowing that my oldest is 10 and how old that must make me...when did that happen?

These turned out so fun and were very easy to decorate!

 I am so proud at the progress he has made in the past few months since we started homeschooling!  He is talking so much better and he is trying so hard to be a good kid!  

We recently talked to him about what Autism is and that he has it.  I was so nervous going into it....He of course being such an amazing kid took it all as positive and was kinda excited about it.  He knows he is smart and I hope I can keep reminding him so he doesn't forget!

I know you are probably thinking...What?!

They are a favorite in our house and a favorite of our 10 year old!  This is what he had for his birthday breakfast.

They are simple but yummy. 

 First take a slice of bread (Homemade is always yummier!)
Then take a biscuit cutter (or any fun shape) and cut a hole in the middle of the slice of bread
Butter both sides of the slice and the center you cut out.
Put in a sprayed warmed up pan.
Crack open an egg and drop in the center of the slice.
Wait till you see the the egg turn a little white and start to bubble...
Then flip them all over.
Don't forget the middle part of you bread slice.

That is it!  Enjoy!!

I love you!  Thanks for being a light in my world for 10 years!  I am so thankful for every minute I get to spend with you!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday night at my house!

Tonight we enjoyed our first summer Sunday evening together! 

When we got home from church I made these scrumptious marshmallows! 
I got the recipe here...from my all time favorite food blog!
(I got there cook book for mothers day and can't get enough of it!!)
While I was browsing their awesome recipe file...I found some thing else and couldn't resist and I decided to make some 

I know I know TWO desserts is probably pushing it but I couldn't resist!  

Happy sugar highed kids tonight for sure!

So to run off some energy we went on a Sunday walk and picked some "weeds" for dinner... OK OK ...so it was asparagus from the ditch banks...and they were delicious!!