Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Fun

Not my fav of family pics but it is what we got...
after Stake Conference the boys were done and wanted to go play...
not too many happy faces..aww well.

Got these of the boys' bow ties made by momma!  
They were very handsome!!

This is what we woke up to on Easter morning...
jelly beans and eggs all over....
What a fun tradition that I remember doing as a little girl and loving!!

The Easter bunny had some pretty eggs this year.

 Bunnycakes for a nummy breakfast!
 Searching and searching for their baskets...where oh where did that sneaky rabbit hide them this year?

 One to go...
 There it is!!
check out the loot!

 Gotta say I don't decorate cakes...
but this was yummy and the boys both loved it.

Hope your Easter was one to remember 
and that we all remember what we are celebrating.


  1. Love it sis!! That shirt looks real good on you!! ;) and i love the bowties!! Good job!! I looks like the kids had an awesome easter!!

  2. You were obviously more disciplined that morning than we were! :P Fun pancakes! You guys rock :)