Sunday, May 22, 2011


These were a couple of tutorials I followed to make a graduation gift this year! 

I love how they turned out!
These lip glosses turned out so fun and make a great addition to any lady's purse!
I found the awesome tutorial on Kojo Designs!  
This is what I put the lipglosses in!  How adorable!!
The tutorial I found was on Wayward Girls' Crafts!
A way fun site!!

 Looks at this fun card!  I am for sure not a card maker but this was easy enough!  I LOVED IT!!  
Found it on Jordan Ferney.

I love having excuses to make fun things for awesome people!  


  1. Indeed, this lip gloss is yummy yummy! cute packaging hon- you rock!

  2. Like I said you are talented and creative. You take the time to find the instructions then make them your own. You are awesome!