Thursday, July 14, 2011

Extraordinary Everyday...Aluminum Foil!

I am so excited to start a weekly blog post!  

I have decided to call it Extraordinary Everyday

I will be sharing uses for everyday objects that maybe you have not considered.

I hope this will become useful to many of you!

So my first everyday object is.....drum roll.....Aluminum Foil!!

#1  Soften up your brown sugar...who hasn't had their brown sugar get as hard as a rock?  I know I have!!  All you need to do is break of a chunk and wrap it in aluminum foil and bake it in the oven at 300 for five minutes.

#2  Catch ice-cream cone drips...wrap the bottom of the cone in aluminum foil!

#3  Scrub your pots...Crumple up some aluminum foil and scrub scrub away!

#4  Sharpen your scissors...take a piece of aluminum foil and it is as simple as cutting it up about 8 or 9 times...Super easy!

#5  Clean jewelry...line a small bowl with aluminum foil....fill with hot water and put in about 1 TB of bleach-free powder laundry detergent...Soak you jewlery for one minute...rinse and air-dry (works for silverware too!)

#6  Speed up your Ironing...Who doesn't want THAT to go faster!  All you do is add a piece of aluminum foil in between the board and the cover...The foil reflects the heat back through the clothing, which will help to smooth the wrinkles quicker!

#7  Clean your barbecue grill...after you are done cooking lay a piece of aluminum foil down to burn off any leftover bits of food

#8  Warm your toes when camping...wrap some stones in aluminum foil and heat them by the campfire...when it is time to go to bed...wrap them in a towel and put them at the foot of your sleeping bag...toasty toes!

#9  Attach a patch to your clothes...put a piece of aluminum foil on the back of the hole and then iron on the patch over top...just slip it out when it is good and stuck!

Who knew there was so many different things you could do with ALUMINUM FOIL!!  And to think I have been just using it to wrap up leftovers!!

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  1. GREAT idea for a weekly post! And I had no idea of most all of these uses for foil! :)