Friday, August 12, 2011

CHERRIES!!! How to pit a Cherry without a pitter!

How pretty are these!?!!
 I was lucky enough to get a bunch of cherries from two different people that had to many!  
I of course was super excited!! 

Cherries will forever remind me of my Grandma.
She would have fruit at the lunch table (Cherries being my fav) and she would put it in these little blue bowls!!  
Wish I still had some of these bowls!!

Anyway back from my rambling...I don't have a cherry I called my mom (what I always do in this situation...Thanks mom!!)  She told me that her grandma always used a bobby pin to pit hers...So I tried it...after I mangled a few cherries I decided that I should go on an internet search...

I found a you tube video of a lady pitting one with a paper clip...So I tried it...IT WORKED!!!!

Here are a few pictures of the process...hope they help to visualize it a little...

Bend your paper clip so it looks like an S....then...get your cherries...
 Hold them by the bottom of the cherry....
 stick the small end of the paper clip into the cherry...then...feel you way around the pit to loosen it a bit and...
 POP it out!
 So easy right!!
 Look how delicious those look...
 Once I had them all pitted I made the pie filling so I could can it...with a test pie for that night...OF COURSE!!  I found this awesome recipe for filling on the Taste of Home Site!  It turned out soooo yummy!!

 It called for red food coloring...I thought at first I would leave it out...but then I looked in the pan...just not as yummy to my eyes as I wanted...

So...I added it...Happy Eyes!

 Here is the finished pie!  I used my pie crust recipe...go get a printable of that here!
 Here is the finished project in the jars! YUM!!

 So the other kind of cherries we were lucky to get were Bing and Royal Anne's!  
I couldn't stop eating these as I was pitting so I was lucky to get as many jars as I got! :)
 How yummy do these look in the jars!  I can't wait to pull one out this winter and surprise the family!  YUMMY!!
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  1. Delish! I LOVE cherries. Thanks for linking up!

  2. These pics are great and what a cool idea! You are a cannerista hon! ;)

  3. Love the cherry photos!