Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!!

Gardner pumpkins this year!  

Boys are so proud of the ones they did! 

 These are of the boys at there school outing to the corn maze.  It was fun to just let them run while Dad and Mom got to hold hands and go with the flow.

 COSTUMES!!!  We went to Grandmas neighborhood and trick or treated with cousins and friends!  It was a blast this year!!
My little artist.  He came up with this one on his own!  He said I want to be an artist and I want the bag attached to the pallette!  He thinks his mom can make anything I suppose....Well I got it done as good as I could... HE LOVED IT!  He got a lot of comments about his creativity.  Which made him grin a lot!

This boy was the hardest to get to decide what to be!!!  At first it was Thor...then it was a spy...then it was Darth Vader....then we finally decided to use his brothers costume from a few years back and be a clone trooper so he could use his Boba Fett gun he got for his birthday this year!  He would have kept going house to house to house if we would have let him...Great kid!!

Hope all of you had a happy and safe HALLOWEEN!!

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  1. What a perfect costume for Nathaniel- you did GREAT making it into what he envisioned! They look like they were loving it! And check that Vader pumpkin- dang! You got a great picture of them all! :)